Things To Know after Your Mobile Home Purchase

Congratulations on your new mobile home! Now that you’ve moved in, or plan to move in soon, here are some tips. Your home can last for decades with proper care and maintenance. But before we get into the toolbox, here are a few tips about furnishing and decorating your new residence.

  • take exact measurements of every area you plan to decorate and improve
  • do not assume windows, doors, and fixtures are standard sizes
  • aim for quality and style, then factor in your personal taste to make the home truly yours.
Things To Know after Your Mobile Home Purchase

Maintenance tips

Make sure your home is level and check it every year. Mobile homes can settle. If yours sits at an improper level, your windows and doors will become more difficult to open and shut. You can test this yourself with a water level, which costs under $100. Use the same tool to make sure your pictures are level as well. 

Your home’s skirting or “perimeter enclosure” is not just about curb appeal. It serves several important functions.  It insulates your entire home while protecting it from pests. It needs to be secure enough to keep critters out.  It also needs enough ventilation to protect your home from damaging humidity and mold. Professionals will tell you that you should have one square foot of venting for every 150 square feet beneath your mobile home. These vents need to be placed within three feet of each corner. This prevents dead air pockets that can create areas of increased humidity that may creep into your home.

Pay particular attention to your gutters. Clean them out every season and make sure drain spouts are slanted so water does not puddle around your home. Inspect gutters and drain pipes for holes and leaks. If your drain spouts have extensions, check them as well. Know where your rainwater is funneled, and make sure it does not create a nuisance for yourself or your neighbors. 

Prevent water damage by learning where the shut-off valve is for every water feature and faucet. If water fixtures do not have shutoff valves, have them installed. Most important, know where the main shut-off valve is located and how to turn it off and on.

Triple L Homes helps families move into affordable residences, and we are here for you after the sale. Please contact us if you have questions or want to discuss any home maintenance issues. 

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